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The seventh film festival has just finished, to the great credit of its chief executive, Maurice Galway. So what were my own favourites? Well, Mark McLoughlin collaborated with Brian Maguire on a very powerful film on murders of women in Ciudad Juarez, across the US/Mexican border at El Paso. Ironically, next door to El Paso, statistically the safest city in the United States, murder is commonplace in Juarez. Thousands of people in a very short space of time. And no investigations. Girls murdered by their partners, by drug dealers, girls as young as 13 kidnapped, abused, mutilated, and finally killed and dumped in the desert. Sometimes animals have eaten most of their bodies by the time their remains are discovered. And nobody cares, except the mothers. Not even, according to the evidence of this film, the fathers. So the mothers work alone, erecting pink crosses with the word Justicia, in the desperate hope of avenging their daughters' lives, and of stopping the carnage.

It was a pity it was such a black film, I went in such a lighthearted mood, with Carol Cronin, with whom I had had a grand lunch. But it certainly was thought provoking. At one point, Brian Maguire, until recently Professor of Painting in NCAD, said "All good art comes from anger."

I don't agree with that. Do you?

In a radio interview yesterday Michel Tremblay said that writers write because they wish to hide something. -- something they cannot discuss with their society

That's the link, if you're interested
I'm not sure that all good art comes from anger but a good dose of strong emotion in any direction can definitely set the wheels in motion.
Yes, I agree, strong emotion is at the basis of much art.But look at people like Magritte, who painted every day from nine to five. Probably without much emotion. Or Bridget Riley, whose retrospective is on in London now, and who worked with the visual - how the work interacted the the eye and brain. But in general, yes. Love, lots of examples. Fear: Guernica. Judith and Holofernes. Fascination: the Italian Futurists. Respect: portraiture of the great and the good. Financial need: probably the strongest motivator of all!

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