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Ventry Beach.


Ventry Beach is really The Strand. That is what we always called it, but now we've become fancy and use a new name. It's the same place, tranquil and beautiful. This morning, my dog Gooch and I went down as we usually do. Hazy, blue-grey, with strong waves, the harbour seeming to rise out to the hills across the bay. Almost high tide, the sand yielding underfoot. Cool. 

Random thoughts - tasks for the day, Tor Cotton's flu, Páidí Ó Sé, seaweed as fertiliser, bits of plastic in the sand will be the last sign of our civilisation, disappearing dunes, lovely southeast breeze, listen to the waves, hear the undersounds of ripples and splashes. Forty minutes of nothing much. 

Near the car, at the graveyard, a woman crouches to pet Gooch, who responds with pleasure. She is Susan Gottlieb from Pennsylvania, an artist with ideas very like many of us. Have a look: www.susanjgottlieb.com

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