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Jangling Django


Django Unchained. Not for the squeamish, as might be expected from Tarentino. But if you are happy to close your eyes every now and then this is a good movie. The dentist is a great character. His horse an even greater one. The depiction of slavery is terrifying, and probably absolutely true. The scene showing an early attempt at Ku Klux Klan is a delight, one with very dark undercurrents, but a real delight, all the same. It shows how one or two evil people can create a mood and a madness that draws in the silly and the incompetent, and we are all silly and incompetent from time to time, so it behoves us to be careful. 

The shooting. Well. Yes. There is lots of it. And it is highly stylised and dramatic. They didn't have guns that could do what was shown on screen in 1858. But somehow, Tarentino manages to infuse the film with lightness. There are even times when I said "Excellent" when particularly villainous characters were shot. Even though my eyes were closed a good bit and my fingers were in my ears as well at one point, somehow the violence had a taste of the ridiculous. It may well be intended as a send-up of the NRA fanatics who are trying to attach guns to teachers. The slavery is what remains with me. That I believed.

The soundtrack is magnificent. Go, with the above caveats. 

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