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Men of Ventry/Fearaibh Fionntrá


Men are magic. Watch Fearaibh Fionntrá and see. From the tiny western parish of Ventry, we tell the story of men, rural men everywhere. Farming, fishing, sculpting, cooking, telling ever taller stories, laughing, weeping, running museums … they are the men you knew and liked. The men who rahttps:/ised you. The men who made you feel you could rule the world. 

Men who have standards, who are decent, earthy, funny, irreverent, serious, reliable, insightful. And that's not the half of it. 

Wherever you live in Ireland – or in the world – these men will resonate with you. Their stories are the stories of rural Ireland, the story of the rural world in the last 50 years. And there is the addition of the new – men who chose Ventry, and prefer living there to anywhere else in the world. 

The programmes are being broadcast on TG4 starting on Sunday April 14 at 9.30pm. Watch and enjoy.

Here is a taste - one of the later ones..... if your broadband is bad, let it download for a while before you play.


Beautiful programs…such a pity that they are not permanently available for viewing on line.
Frederic Patch
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